The Calm During the Storm: Finding Balance When Life is Busy

Throughout life, I have been perpetually busy. Whether it’s school, work or my social life, I can never remember a time that I have not had something on the agenda. As you can probably imagine, this caused major anxiety. Thinking about what is next instead of just enjoying the moment has consumed a lot of my energy.

I know that this is not just a description of my life, but the description of many of my peers’ lives as well. We live in a fast-paced world consumed with anxiety and perfectionism.”Living the fast life” is seen as a way to success, fame and fortune.

When I discovered yoga and meditation, I found peace away from the constant chaos of life. I was finally able to slow down and appreciate the little things in life.

Many scientific studies are now showing the actual benefits that yoga and meditation have on the brain, sleep patterns and overall well being.

My daily routine has reduced my anxiety and helped me create a life that I enjoy living. I still get shaken from time to time, but I feel better than ever.

My Daily Routine:

1. Upon waking, I drink a cup of warm lemon water. I have found that it wakes me up like coffee, but gives me less anxiety and jitters than coffee gives me.
2. I then take time to do a 10 minute breathing exercise (usually 1:2 breath) while in Viparita Karani. This helps me stay calm throughout the day.
3. I get ready for the day. Sometimes, if I feel that I am lagging, I will make a cup of bulletproof coffee or tea.
4. Before bed, I do a 20 minute meditation. Meditating before bed has improved my sleep.

I only spend 30 minutes a day meditating and practicing pranayama, which is the amount of time most of us spend goofing around on social media. The key to creating habit is to first make a routine. I started off by trying this for ten days, but soon realized how much happier I became. Routine is so important for our busy, vattic lifestyles.

Hearts center open proper

Peace in a life of chaos comes from within.

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