Creating Peace

I typically would not post about a social issue on this blog. I would usually sit down and mind my own business as I scroll through my Facebook feed seeing opinions from each side. I don’t like the controversy over such issues, because at the end of the day, we are all human, connected by our energies.

So, I have a few reasons that compelled me to post about the situation in McKinney that happened on June 6.

The first is that I am from the DFW area. I see institutionalized racism happening on the news all the time, but the fact that this happened in my own backyard is disturbing, not surprising, but disturbing.

The next is that I find that everyone is confused. White people are confused because they don’t understand racism and black people are confused because they don’t understand why the system is still so racist.

But the craziest part of the whole thing is that citizens are not wrong, just confused. The thing is, we don’t need more evidence than we have. We don’t need to know what the young girl was saying or what happened before or after the incident. We can see a white male, much bigger than the tiny girl, slamming her on the ground, repeatedly.

There is no excuse.

What we do need is a systematic reality check. Jim Crow Laws are gone, but still enforced through the police system. Maybe it’s an issue of abusing power.

I think the most important thing to remember when dealing with issues of such high emotion is to stay grounded. Remember that the energy that you give others is the energy that you will get back. We are collectively creating a volatile world of unrest. Just pause for a moment, and place yourself in other people’s shoes. Walk a day in the mind of a black child, fearing for your life. Listen to opposing opinions and sincerely try to understand. Stop judging and start creating a world that everyone can feel safe.

This will create peace.



  1. 8petallotus

    I enjoyed your post and give you a high five for making a statement regarding the issue. *high five*. I think that the political mind slips away from many yogies because it can get so messy; but being yogies, I also think we have a bigger responsibility to be aware and vocal about the issues surrounding us. I agree with what you said about “at the end of the day, we are all human, connected by our energies”, at the same time we have the opportunity to make that energy that we are connected by just a little bit more positive and brighter. I hope you chose to share your thoughts more about political issues more, because here I think you are right on the money. If there are more people like you seeking out and exposing the root cause to things like this, maybe just maybe some people could calm down and see the bigger picture. Love and peace ❤

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