The Beauty of Leaving Your Comfort Zone

After graduation from college, I was feeling a little lost. A large portion of my identity was stripped away and it was scary as hell. A lot has continued to change and I have continued to grow on this post grad journey.

The one thing I realized during this time of crisis is that it is easy to get comfortable in our identity. It is so easy to decide who you are based on your occupation, education and social status. But, this is not how I would like to define myself. So, I went on a journey out of my comfort zone, and I plan to stay here for the rest of my life. Here are a few things I am continuously learning:

  1. Have faith in the process. The most alluring part of staying in your comfort zone is the routine of knowing what you will do from the second you wake up until the time your head hits the pillow. When you leave your comfort zone, you must know, trust and believe that each step you take is leading you to something better that has been waiting for you.
  2. Timing is perfect. It’s so simple to use time to ease our worries. We tell ourselves if I’m married by 25, having kids by 30 and a retiring by 50, then we are living life to the fullest. I would like to challenge these ideas. If we give ourselves these restrictions, we are not really living. Break free of the constraints time and you will learn that timing, without being forced, truly is perfect.
  3. Let yourself feel your emotions. A lot of the time, we like to bottle up our emotions in fear. We are afraid that if we actually let them be seen that we will feel weak. I believe the opposite. If you are able to recognize and observe your emotions, then you have mastered your mind. When you’re out of your comfort zone, talk your friends, family and loved ones. It’s a good time to bond and be vulnerable.
Seated and Smiling
Photo by Kaitlyn Tatum

Last but most certainly not least, be gentle with yourself. Nothing happens over night. When you exit your comfort zone you will most likely feel uncomfortable for a while, but remember to keep your head up and remind yourself that any feelings of discomfort means that you are making positive changes on your journey.



  1. Lynn Borton

    Lovely post! I’ve been enjoying my efforts to push past my comfort zone – always exciting and often much more fun and gratifying than I would ever expect. Journey on!

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