The MySterious diagnosis


As most of you know, I’ve been through the ringer. It all started with an MRI that showed inflammatory process in the brain that I was told was a stroke… well it wasn’t a stroke. For three months in the hospital we were looking for an answer. I would take anything the doctors told me. They said I needed a biopsy, so I did i. They said I needed antibiotics, so I did it. I just wanted to get better. You guessed it.. I didn’t get better and normal. Last Monday, I was finally diagnosed with Tumefactive MS. The great part is that I can be cured! There’s a huge connection with the gut and inflammatory disease, so I’m trying to heal my gut as I go through thus acceptance and healing process. 💖🙏 My story is very similar toThis woman’s. Very quick onset… which is unusual forMS.

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