One thing I will say is I’ve never had to believe in myself and God this much.I’ve never made so many life or death decisions. I have a lot of trouble with this new skill. So, I want to write my goals for the world to see.

1. Walk without any assistance – right now, I’m using a large walker called the Nimbo. I want to walk without any walkers etc.

2. Eat normal food again. Right now, I can eat a puréed diet, which is great but it’s not pizza! Lol

3. Drive again- This girl needs freedom! And there’s a lot of freedom in driving

4. Last but not least – teach and practice yoga as before 🙏📿

Basically, I just want to be normal again. My eyes have been opened regarding disability and strength in myself and my community and God.


If you take anything in life for granted,please take a moment for gratitude every day.

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