25th Birthday/ Recovery Blog

Thank you so much to everyone that went out of their way to make my birthday special! It was definitely different than other birthdays. Usually on birthdays, I get to celebrate a new year ahead and plan all the fun things I’ll do in the next year.

This birthday I got to celebrate being alive. I’m just thankful to see the age of 25, because some days I didn’t feel like I was going to. To start off the year, I’d like to start a#stephaniestrong yoga pose challenge on Instagram follow @sdtheyogi to join in. This was a full week of doctors appointments. I started the first 1/2 dose of Ocrevus on Monday, 11/13. I’m getting very tired of seeing doctors, but I’m thankful for their expertise.


  1. Lea Anne

    I’m grateful you are alive too my Beautiful Friend!! Happy Birthday all year!!! You are making remarkable progress and have the strength, gentleness and courage of an angel. I’ll take your yoga challenge!
    I love you very much!!! ❌⭕️❤️

  2. LInda garner

    Hi, Stephanie,
    Although you and I haven’t met, I know and love your family. (Mark Harman is my brother.). I admire your courage as you’ve struggled to recover this year. I wish you continued strength and courage in the upcoming year, and continued progress. Sending loving thoughts from Cincinnati.

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