GUEST POST:Cathy Hutchinson on Vision Boarding

Each year, I go to a vision boarding party at my friend, Cathy Hutchison’s house.  I asked her to write a blog post explaining why you might want to host one and how to pull it off.

I used to think of vision boards as crazy.  After all, I just couldn’t get excited about cutting out pictures of yachts and putting them on a posterboard with a glue stick.

So, when a friend invited me to her house for a vision board party, I was unsure about it. (Besides, I liked the friends, and there was Prosecco involved, so I figured at least the conversation would be fun.)

At the beginning of the party, Melanie pulled out vision boards from previous years, and started talking about what had happened in her life since she started creating them. They weren’t what I expected.

Instead of a “wish list” of material possessions, the boards were artistic expressions of how Melanie wanted to be in the world. The boards were focused on what she wanted to accomplish.

The Prosecco started flowing. Our friend Cheryl, started up a diffuser with essential oils, and we all sat at the table with markers and poster boards and started scribing our futures.

The conversation was so inspirational!

And, most importantly, the vision board I created hung in a place where I could see it every morning for the rest of the year, serving as a cue card for my choices. It had powerful results. I was surprised at its effectiveness in focusing my attention.

Want to host your own vision boarding party? Here’s how:

1. Invite a small group of friends. (Only as many as you have table space to accommodate people and poster boards.)

2. Get a stack of heavy white paper that is 11×15 or larger. You can purchase a pad of watercolor paper at any art store, heavy cardstock at an office supply store, or pick up posterboards at your local drugstore. (I like the Canson XL 11×15 pad from Amazon.)

3. Throw out a variety of markers on the tables giving people plenty of space to work.

4. Put out some appetizers.

5. Open a bottle of prosecco or champagne. (Because it makes the whole thing feel like a celebration!)

6. If you have an essential oil diffuser, put something inspiring in it.

And that’s it. As people work on their vision boards, the conversation naturally drifts to possibility and what could be. Not only that, but the energy of creating something in a room with friends, makes your vision board that much better. At the end of the evening, people take their boards home to hang them in a place where they can be seen daily.

Want some inspiration on different methods for creating vision boards? Check out this post at


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