The Illness of Being Busy

Are you addicted to being busy? I know I was. Turns out, it’s the most dangerous addiction we can have.

Sure, it’s fun checking items off your to do list, but is it worth getting sick for?

I speak from the experience of a busy college student to a busy young adult. Typically

, being busy turns into being stressed, and we all know the

Dangers of stress. Stress can release cortisol, which can amp up the inflammatory responses in your body.

So… let’s talk about what to do when you get too busy.

1. Say No.

When you start to feel overwhelmed, just politely decline the drink with friends or the extra task at home.

2. Deep breathing.

Nothing is as calming as taking a deep breath in, and releasing on the exhale.

3. Self Care.

Self care can be considered anything you want it to be. A nice, relaxing bath, a good dinner or a yoga class.

I write this blog post for women who struggle with the need to feel busy. Before I got sick, I didn’t truly understand the addiction to ‘to do’ lists. I wanted to fill every hour of my day. I didn’t know that this was a risky habit, and ended up with an autoimmune disorder caused by inflammation.


  1. Carol Sauder

    Thank you for this powerful reminder! You are truly inspiring and I appreciate you sharing your heart and challenges with us. You are so precious!

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