Lessons learned from neuro Rehab

I’ve learned a lot of lessons about myself through this whole time of being ill, but these are the specific ones to my day neuro program that I go to, five days a week and six hours per day. In addition to PT,ST and OT I get to learn about the brain and teach yoga.

1. Patience. It always amazes me how much patience the therapists have with people. I’ve learned to be more patient with myself and others.

2.It Could be Different. You’re probably thinking”duh!” But I see people struggle with things I don’t struggle with, and I struggle with things they don’t. It all depends on what part of the brain is damaged. I usually start feeling blessed that I still have my personality and strong will.

3. There isn’t ‘worse’ or ‘better’. Everything just is what it is. There are circumstances that don’t feel good, but everyone has had their own struggle in life. My friend Cathy Hutchinson calls it your “Superhero Origin Story”.


4.Take Ownership of my Health and my life. One day I woke up and decided that I didn’t want to wait around and have people tell me what to do. I just took control of my health and made my own recovery plan.

I’m currently at Pate Rehabilitation in Dallas. We’re working together on walking, swallowing and vision. I love the program and I am so thankful for my therapists and the other patients. I’ve learned a lot about the brain and body. I hope you can learn from this blog post. ☺️

8 thoughts on “Lessons learned from neuro Rehab

  1. Every struggle you go through makes my heart hurt but also makes me so proud to be your aunt. Fear of the unknown is the biggest fear, so learning about the brain is such an important part of recovery. Or just the ability to deal with it all. ❀️ you, Steph.

  2. As always…inspiring.
    I am sad that you have to hurt & struggle so…and it also amazing to see your beauty and gratitude and courage shine through.
    I love you ❀️

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