It’s Me Now, but it could be you later.

It’s time for us to wake up. This blog post isn’t intended to offend anyone, but I know it will. For the past year plus, I’ve been crying to myself and God ‘why me!?’ I’ve also been studying and researching diseases in the U.S. and where they’re coming from. There are many different theories to answer why we’re all sick. My truth says that inflammation is causing sickness. So, what causes inflammation? The toxic world we live in.

1. Food. Food has become a source of capital in this country. Monsanto has monopolized most of the food industry. I urge you to go gluten and grain free. This will reduce inflammation in the gut and it made me feel better overall. Don’t be afraid to eat meat. I was vegetarian for 6 years, and while I completely respect the vegan and vegetarian cause, I found that eating meat has helped cure my body.

2. Chemicals. There are so many chemicals that we don’t even recognize in our day to day lives. Cleaning products, laundry detergents and dryer sheets, perfumes and candles, make-up, etc. I’ve turned to essential oils for replacing most of the toxins in my life.

Before all of the issues I’m facing, I didn’t pay much attention to reducing inflammation. I urge you to wake up before disease wakes you up.

This post was inspired by Carole Duncan.


  1. Jennifer Tang

    I love how real you are with us, Steph! We all have different timers of when these toxins start to really show their effects, some ring faster or later than others but at some point they do ring. Very important that we focus on the now. Your outlooks keep me reminded, Love you! (:

  2. Melissa

    Beautiful post and I agree 100%. I love you so much Stephanie. I know God put you in my life and so many others lives for good reason & I am excited to see your story unfold. ❤

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