FAQ: what do you do in rehab?

I get asked daily what I do in rehab. So, I’m going to do a whole blog post about it!

I go to a day neuro Rehab called Pate. I’m in it from 9a-3:30p. It’s much like a part-time job. At Pate, I’m involved in three different therapies daily. PT,OT,SPEECH and various other forms of therapy.

PT. In physical therapy, my main goal is to regain normal functionality. So, I’m working on walking with assistive devices to walk without them. I’m also regaining strength in my core, glutes, and legs.

OT. In Occupational Therapy, I work on my vision, cooking, return to driving and functional motor skills.

I also teach chair yoga at Pate as part of OT.

ST. In speech therapy, I work on eating solid foods and drinking thin liquids. I also work on my voice, using pitch scales etc.

I’m a very hard working woman when it comes to therapy. I do more therapeutic exercises at home after therapy. I’m doing DDPYoga and voice lessons with my aunt, Karen Lytle of the Santa Barbara Voice Academy.


    1. Erin Moore

      Dearest Stephanie, your strength encourages and motivates others. God bless your journey and those lives you have touched and will touch along the way. Love you❤ Be a soul that gives and your cup will overflow all the days of your precious life.

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