Mothers Day reflections

Mothers Day this year is special, because of the love I’ve felt from multiple mothers this year. I have the utmost respect and gatitude for these women.

My mom has really had the craziest life lately. After losing her husband and me going into the hospital 6months later, she showed a beautiful amount of grace. She has been an amazing supporter during this time. Not a lot of mothers have to raise their 25-year-old daughter again, but my mom was dealt that task. She has helped since the day I went into the hospital. I’m sooo thankful for her love and support.

Carla is basically my mother-in-law. She is literally the most amazing human. She is also the most amazingly organized person I have ever met. She makes sure that I’m taken care of at all times. This is a crazy way we have gottento know each other so well, but she has been here through the good and bad. Every step of the way. I’m so extremely grateful for her.

My aunt Karen has been a HUGE supporter through my days in the hospital and out of the hospital. She used to fly in every weekend from California to help with recovery.

My granny and grandma have offered the best kind of love. These are the to women I look up to most. My maternal grandmother and my paternal granny are still alive and I’m sooo thankful for that!

Shanon has been my yoga teacher for the past six years. I’ve learned a lot about the brain and techniques to handle this situation life has set in front of me from her. I like to think of her as my yoga mother because of all the time I have spent learning from her.

My yogi sisters Cathy, Melanie and Cheryl have been just the greatest friends with motherly love. They’ve helped me get out and believe in myself.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers. You’re greatly appreciated. 😘


  1. Sharon Darnell

    Thank you Stephanie. Thank you also for working to stay grateful. That is such a beautiful attitude. I love you sweetheart! Mom

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