Person vs. Patient

From the day I was admitted into the hospital, until now, I have felt drastically unlike myself. I look in the mirror and see someone different than before. Everyone treats me different, looks at me like I don’t belong in this world. Luckily, I have wonderful family and friends that have a different perspective.


I was a totally “normal” person until age 24 when this horrible event happened. I could walk, talk, eat and do yoga. I loved my life, but there was still something missing.


The day I entered the hospital was the day I became a patient instead of a person. People started talking about me using only pronouns. Started ignoring me totalk with the person that was with me. It really hurts but sometimes it just has to be that way.


I don’t accept the sick life as my new life, but I’m learning to accept the facts that this has happened to me. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.


  1. Sharon Darnell

    I love you. I know you are the most amazing person, full of love and life. Love triumphs over all of this pain. I am so sorry you are going through it all.

  2. Roseanna Christiansen Rizzo

    You are an amazing BEAUTIFUL young lady and you will always be that. You are being reimbursed with compound interest. GREATER things are yours through our GOD who loves you with an everlasting LOVE .DO NOT GROW WEARY IN WELL DOING. Stand your ground.

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