One size does not fit all

Have you ever tried on something that says it’s “one size fits all” you try it on and woaaaaahhh it doesn’t fit at all…

I’ve always been a fan of using diet and exercise to heal me. And I’ve usually been successful with that.

I try to use every modality for healing that I learn. In MOST situations it works.

I get inundated with messages, texts and calls with more methods I can use.

Most of the suggestions I get are helpful. I usually get weary about the”heal yourself in three days” kind of articles, but I’ll still read them.

The point is that every BODY is different and has different needs. I use my own healing strategy that includes diet, exercise, therapy, yoga and acupuncture.

I’m thankful for everything people send me or suggest because I use parts of the suggestions and it helps me learn more.

Thank you for joining the journey šŸ™

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