Don’t miss your Miracles

The word “miracle” has become taboo. I define miracle as a supernatural event that takes place in everyone’s lives. Something that seemed impossible becomes possible.

It can be easy to overlook the miracles in life. That’s why I’m writing this.

About 2 years ago, the first symptoms I noticed was the inability to swallow. I choked on water, food, smoothies, anything I tried to eat. That’s when I decided to seek medical help. While I was in the hospital, they shoved a feeding tube down my nose and told me I was “NPO” which means you can’t eat or drink. Fear surged through my veins. Many speech therapy appointments ensued where they’d put electrodes on my throat and shock the swallowing muscles. One day, I looked at my speech therapist in the eyes with tears in mine. “When will I get better?” I asked and she replied “maybe never.” That was the day I received a feeding tube in my stomach. Frankly, I could write a whole book about my experience with a feeding tube. The short version is that I had a feeding tube over a year and a half. Daily prayers, good vibes, meditation, breath work and speech therapy appointments were useful in my recovery. About 6 months ago, the feeding tube was removed from my stomach and I can eat normally again and DRINK WATER! Which was my biggest feat. The point is, the removal of my tube was a miracle because medically, it wasn’t supposed to happen.

I often overlook that miracle because now my focus has switched. Do you do the same thing with your miracles?

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