Fear and Surrender

During all pandemonium there is fear and surrender. I have found this to be true in all my own experiences but also in the experience of society.

I find fear to be a natural response. It is the “first responder” of our emotions. The problem is that fear makes us do crazy things.

Fear can be really uncomfortable. I find that in order to release fear, we have to surrender. In my life, I have found that instead of being afraid of the future, I surrender to all the outcomes that I cannot control.

A great example is the people hoarding supplies during the COVID 19 pandemic. Hoarding is a natural fear response. Once these people surrender their fear to what is unknown, there will be more toilet paper available.

Surrender is not super easy. It takes a lot of time and work to unlearn the fear response.

When we learn how to surrender, we also learn freedom! It can be the most worthwhile pursuit ever.

Fear and surrender naturally ebb and flow. Are you ready to embrace surrender and overcome fear? My journey of this has been full of therapy, yoga and spirituality.

Let’s collectively overcome fear!

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