Writer’s Block

Right now, we all have a big influx of time.when we first went into quarantine, I was grateful for extra time to finish projects. Most of them are writing projects.

For all of March, I had a horrible case of writer’s block. My creativity disappeared. It was hard.

I stated questioning my spirit. Why was this happening?

The answer I got was interesting. It’s just an illusion. I was distracted by the writer’s block, therefore I wasn’t trying to do things that would inspire my creativity. I had to lift the veil from my eyes and focus on being creative. What really helped me was meditating.

I started questioning other things in my life where there’s a veil over my eyes. Things I wasn’t seeing clearly.

I found that I need to continue the practice of seeing things for what they are, not through a veil.

Clear eyes, clear heart.

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