People can’t save you, only You can do that

We’ve all heard the story. The damsel in distress who gets saved by the knight in shining armor. How dreamy, right?

Wrong. Obviously this fairy tale can’t actually happen in reality.

I don’t mean to burst your bubble. But fairy tales just don’t apply to reality. The only person who can save you is yourself and God. How? Through prayer, meditation and deep intuitive work. I strongly suggest that you don’t go into a relationship feeling like the damsel. I know from experience that it will not work out.

I spent most of my life thinking that I would be saved. Now, I suggest we do our own work and “save ourselves” before searching for our fairy tale endings. It will make us better partners and even better friends. I’m currently working on saving myself in my journey of being single again. This applies to men and women who think a relationship can make them happy. To an extent, having a partner is a happy time. But please, heed this advice and don’t rely on others to make you happy.

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