Grieving the loss of “normal”

Has quarantine bummed you out? Experiencing more stress and anxiety than usual? Me too.

The truth is, we don’t know how much “normal” we will get back.

This has been my reality for about three years. I don’t know how much of my life will be normal after the brain injury.

So, we collectively need to ask “what is normal really?” What parts of our life do we need to keep and what can we leave behind?

In my journey, I’ve learned to keep a small community, too much stuff makes me less happy and how much I really enjoy the little things like fresh air, flowers and books. And those things construct my new normal.

I think the most beautiful thing is that we as a society are relearning normal. Life as it was just three months ago is not the same. We can decide what we want to keep and what we want to leave behind.

What do you plan to keep?


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