Using your Intuition during a Health Crisis

This topic weighs on my heart, daily. I just need to say… YOU are in charge of your health. No one else.

I wish I would’ve understood that better when I started going through my health crisis. I used to be the one who thought doctors had all the answers. I really thought anything could be cured by medicine.

I now know that that was a naive way of understanding the medical system. My point is this… please pray or deeply meditate to listen to your intuition before you commit to any kind of health protocol(doing research is also encouraged). Your body cannot lie. You’ll know what you need to know by tuning in and listening to your body.

Before any kind of medical procedure, I spend time with myself in deep meditation and ask my body to show me what I need to know. I highly recommend doing this before blindly trusting the doctor or medical system.

Note: I don’t recommend you ignore the doctor and their advice, but know that you have full agency of your body and health. You know your body better than anyone.

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