Embracing humanness

2020 has been a year that goes down in history. Everyone has their own opinions snd feelings about it. I have to say, I really enjoyed the reflection and self development time I had.

One thing that I learned in 2020 is that it is so important to embrace, and appreciate, our humanness. When I got out of the hospital after having brain surgery, I was so weak and unable to do much for myself. At that time, I was forced to embrace my humanness. I no longer could control my body in a way that was “normal.” I had no choice other than to be who I was at that moment. Looking back, I really appreciate myself (and the people around me) for having that grace.

My whole healing journey has been reliant on me finding my humanness and continuing, no matter how hard it gets. “Finding my humanness” to me means that I let go of judgement and embrace the things that make me human. Like heartbreak, grief, disability etc. In 2020, it has been more collective humanness. Like giving strangers change and connecting with people on a soul level.

My heart is so full when I can see people living their humanness by embracing each and every “flaw” they have.

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