The Lost Files: My Trip To Tampa

So, as I’ve mentioned a million times over, I L-O-V-E to travel. I am manifesting that someday all I will do is travel, write and practice yoga. But for now, I just travel around the US. I got so caught up with life that I forgot to post about my super fun trip to Tampa, Florida in June to visit my best friend, Lauren.

Photo of plane wing
Flight from DFW to Tampa

This trip was just what I needed. A four-day getaway and time by the ocean with my bff. On the flight Friday morning, the plane was pretty much empty and I had the whole row to myself. Talk about lucky! Anyway, when I arrived, we immediately drove to Clearwater beach but first we stopped at a hole-in-the-wall diner that was out of this world! I forgot the name because I was so hungry, but the food was delish. Then, with our full tummies we relaxed on the beach and caught up on life and love. That night, we went out in SoHo, which is a strip of restaurants and bars. We stopped at MacDinton’s happy hour Friday from 6-8.

Handstand on Beach
Photo by Lauren Richey

The next day…was a little rough… But we managed to get out of bed and eat lunch at Cook’s Kitchen and have an evening at St. Pete Beach. I think St. Pete is my favorite beach that we went to on this trip. Very nice, and not as many people. That night, we made vegetarian Ratatouille (like the movie) and Trader Joe’s key lime pie for desert.

Ice cream with sprinkles
Yummy Ice Cream at St. Pete Beach

The last full day, we spend all day at St. Pete Beach again. I ended up getting a really bad sunburn, but the waves were awesome and it was fun to play in them. Which inspired my next BIG trip. Surfing! Does anyone have suggestions for the best surf destinations?

St. Pete Beach
Photo by Lauren Richey


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