Never Say Never:Normalizing Disability in Society

Confession time! Before the lesions in my brain appeared, I had a fear of being sick and disabled. I don’t even like to take Advil because it would mess up my liver. Now, I am fully experiencing pain and disability and the discomfort that it all brings. I’m taking medication for many symptoms, which old me never would’ve taken.

So,how does a “health nut” get sick and handicapped? I’ve learned that it can literally happen to ANYONE. In one night, my life dramatically changed, and that could happen to you as well. I want to challenge you to think about this. In one day, you’re unable to walk, talk or eat. Everything that used to be easy is now very hard. When we’re able to be compassionate to our peers in wheelchairs and walkers, we can grow into a less judgmental society. ❤️🙏


  1. Carol Sauder

    I remember being in a wheelchair for several months after my car accident and I could not walk. Things I used to take for granted – everything became so difficult..and took so much longer. It was so frustrating not being able to shop where I wanted to go in department stores because the clothes rounders were too close to each other. People would look at me and you could tell they were wondering why someone so young would be in a wheelchair. AND, of course, there were the people who would not think to be courteous and open a door for me!! The hardest part, however, was being a mom to a 18 month old and I could not walk and play with him like I desperately wanted to! It was a like I was in a totally different world, very surreal.

      1. Carol Sauder

        No, I had a broken pelvis, facial fractures and spleen removed. My son who was 16 months old, had the TBI. Although he has permanent damage on the language portion of his brain, he is doing great and is a senior studying mechanics engineering! He was told he would never make it past third grade! But God is in the business of doing miracles, and we have truly experienced one. Just take it one day at a time. Never listen to those who set limitations on your recovery. It’s ok to cry every day. Remember each day brings you one day closer to healing. Love you!

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